Leveton Studios Conservation is the art and skill of preserving works of art for future generations.

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LEVETONS STUDIO- Caring for Pictures since 1887


Restoration is the treatment and repair of deterioration that has already taken place.

We undertake the restoration of oil and acrylic painting, watercolours, prints and other works of art on paper. Our studios are available to carry out minor repairs or large projects such as torn oil paintings requiring lining onto a new support canvas.

Cleaning Oil Painting
Cleaning Oil Painting

Prior to undertaking major restoration work we prepare a condition report of the artwork and its frame plus an estimate for the proposed work.

Oil and Acrylic Paintings
Over time these pictures suffer from surface deposits of dirt and discoloured varnish, cracking and paint loss plus other damage and defects. The pictures are much enhanced after restoration and cleaning.

Works of art on paper
Until quite recently most materials used in mounting and framing of works of art on paper have been of poor quality and have contributed to their deterioration. The old acidic window mounts, support boards and backing boards generate acidic stains and foxing (brown spots) as they biodegrade. Cleaning can nearly always remove the stains and foxing and the pictures remounted to Museum or Conservation standard thus preserving them for the future.

It is mostly possible to repair and refurbish old frames thus retaining the character of the picture.

Objets d'art and Collectibles
We also repair and refurbish portable antique items, objets d'art and collectibles.

Emergency Service
In the event of fire, flood, water and accidental damage we will endeavour to give prompt assistance by valuing the damage for insurance purposes and give an estimate of repair work involved.

Widdicombe Fair - Before
Widdicombe Fair - After

Let us help you look after your family portraits, landscapes, corporate pictures and portraits, religious pictures, modern and Victorian watercolours and memorabilia.

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