Leveton Studios Conservation is the art and skill of preserving works of art for future generations.

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LEVETONS STUDIO- Caring for Pictures since 1887



Conservation is the art and skill of preserving works of art for future generations.

The ultimate survival of the work of art will depend not only on the application of any treatment necessary for its preservation but also the environmental conditions in which it is stored and displayed.

Museum Mounting
Museum mounting - Norwich Castle Museum

In the long term good conservation will help reduce the risk of damage thus minimising maintenance costs.

Levetons has been carrying out conservation to the highest standards for museums and private customers for many years. This includes work on the Norwich civic portraits housed in St Andrews and Blackfriars Hall and conservation mounting of many hundreds of watercolours at Norwich Castle Museum.

Framed Water Colours, Drawings, Etchings and Photographs

Many materials used in the past for mounting and framing have proved to be harmful to the pictures themselves. It is therefore recommended that these materials should be replaced, before they cause any further damage, with high quality Museum or Conservation boards which are less prone to deterioration.

A large modern Egyptian papyrus (app 1800mm x 850mm) - framing service

Frames should also be examined and if necessary, cleaned or repaired to maintain them in good condition thus retaining the original ambience of the artwork.

Advice on hanging, exhibiting and/or storage in order to minimise damage is available.

Unframed Water Colours, Drawings etc

These tend to suffer greater hazards than those that are framed and they need special attention to preserve them for the future. Our suggestion is that they are remounted to museum sizes using the methods and materials indicated above. The storage of these pictures is most important and we can give advice and supply storage folios as required.

Flattening and mounting document on vellum - Before

Unframed Oil Paintings

Oil paintings without their frames are very vulnerable. We can attend to their defects as for the framed paintings and can also suggest safe storage facilities to reduce the risk of further damage.

Environmental Conditions

General environmental conditions together with appropriate levels of heating, lighting and humidity are important. With this in mind, we are able to give advice and assistance in the display, storage and security of a collection.

Flattening and mounting document on vellum- After


Conservation Framing (Advanced Accreditation)
We frame to a high standard at either Museum or Conservation level taking into account the quality and value of the artwork.

There is a large range of traditional or contemporary moulding patterns available plus Museum or Conservation mountboard in various colours.

Our framing service covers traditional artwork, oil and acrylic painting, watercolours, prints, drawings, pastels and photographs plus medals, 3D objects and memorabilia. We also mount and frame fabric art.

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